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Pins can also help! Light Iron-On Fusible such as Heat N Bond Lite or Lite Steam-a-Seam 2 There are two easy ways to add a border to your label design: using the background color tool or using the shape tool. Quilt labels usually note a few things such as: Think of the Five W’s from English class: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Maybe your 12" strips sew evenly, but what about 24" strips or 36" strips or borders, which might even be 100" long! Watch more How to Quilt videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/507522-How-to-Attach-Quilt-Borders-QuiltingUnable to read transcription file Once the quilt is all quilted, baste around the edge of the quilt with long, low-tension stitches on your machine. Trim away excess border fabric at quilt corners. Open the fold on the bottom binding end to see the wrong side. Download our free PDF quilt labels below then print them on to fabric as the perfect finishing touch for your quilts! Read more about creating a care label by Clicking Here. Binding fabric – 1/2 yard Pin the midpoint of the border to the vertical midpoint at the top of the quilt, right sides together and raw edges matched. Quilt labels are easy to make and there are many ways to do it. If your machine has dual feed, it also moves the fabric from the top. Sew with the quilt border on the bottom so you can make sure quilt seams don’t get flipped in the wrong direction. It is a narrow boarder cut 3 inches, but when it is sewn the finished border will be 2 and a half inches wide. Fold the binding back on itself so the raw edges of the binding and the quilt are even to one another. Be sure to leave a margin of empty space around the text, plus 1/4″ on all sides for the seam allowance; I usually make my cut 5/8″ outside the text on all sides. It’s your voice, the quiltmaker’s voice, saying “I made this” long after you’re there to say it yourself. Move the top binding end aside for a moment. Watch this method in action as Bonnie Browning demonstrates how to start a double-fold binding and how to sew a mitered corner. Quilt Labels… Bring your needle down in the 1/4″ mark and take a few backstitches to secure the binding. Hold the fold with a finger or pin, and then fold the binding back over the fold to line up over the quilt once more. Repeat this down the entire length of the strip. There are a few things to keep in mind when you plan your border; you’ll need to consider how you’ll finish the ruffled edge and when to add the border for best results. Are measurements approximately the same? This week when prepping a customer's quilt for long arm quilting service, we noticed lots of fullness in the borders. Repeat to make 2 top and bottom Snowball Borders. Sew on either side of that line and then cut this four times. The quilt won't lie completely flat no matter what you do. Because there was so much fullness in the flying geese layer, I removed one goose from the center of one side of the quilt. Press the seam as desired. Quilt Labels Material Requirements. Pencil or Marking Tool Take 3 measurements:  along two opposite edges and through the quilt's center. Once it’s adhered to the label, iron the label to the quilt. See some beautiful quilts in our office in Huskvarna. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4″ and press open. But this really improved that geese side, making it flatter and straighter. Join the How To Quilt AQS Facebook group. Quilt labels are also a great place to put a few words of meaning, like a quote, a poem, or a scripture. Attaching a border to a quilt isn't as simple as it seems. Using a universal needle and coordinating thread, edgestitch the perimeter. Such quilts are built from center as rounds and rounds of borders, multiplying the risk of creating fullness. Roxanne Glue-Baste-It (optional) Of course, I had to release much of the geese row in order to reattach them evenly. Press the seam allowances away from the center. This series is a resource for you and now that you know how to quilt, share the fun and teach a friend! Refold the binding in half and finish sewing the binding to the quilt. She proudly displayed the label in a block on the front of the quilt, as a commemoration of the occasion. Pin the ends together to hold the matching edges. Lift the foot and cut the thread. 4. Welcome to the last week of the last project of How to Quilt: A Beginner’s Guide. Pins or Wonder Clips This article will explain how to make quilt borders. Trim the excess batting and backing even to the quilt top. If you are sewing your label on you can add it before the quilting and it will be quilted on, or if you don’t like that you can sew it on after the quilting {covering up a little bit of those stitches} Either way will work. There were waves all along the edges. We begin by sewing the binding strips together with diagonal seams. Start near a corner. Watch this technique in motion as Bonnie demonstrates how she joins binding ends and shares how she remembers the process from project. ... To finish a printed label it’s nice to sew on a border. :D. Best of all? Check out "how to sew a quilt" for more information. Sometimes it works better to draw a line lightly and then go over it a second time to darken the line. Make sure that the border strip is flat and smooth. Refold the binding in half like the seam is already sewn. If your quilt's edge has some fullness already, ease that fullness into the border by not stretching the quilt's edge completely flat. This can eliminate uneven feed, making sewing borders easier. The awesome team of quilt pros over at Love Patchwork & Quilting have created this set of cute quilt labels as the final touch for your quilts and other patchwork gifts. A great place to use scraps from your quilt! Peel off the freezer paper and use a few dots of glue to baste the raw edges to the back. Use a unique pin to signify center. I also removed one goose from the center of the opposite side. I used to just sew on the border strips and trim them to size afterward, and then You absolutely can add a ruffled border to your baby quilt! Your seam will be exposed on the top of your quilt Don’t make this mistake and sew the seam to the quilt back … Not sure about your machine? Sew on the marked line and trim a 1/4″ seam allowance. And flat your quilt borders even to the size label you want questions. Difference, the quilt with basting spray commonly placed in the ditch along the binding! All-Border quilt we ’ re going to cut it to length before attaching borders to this quilt was square... Talk about why it happens occurs naturally during the printing process fuchsia corners sew them to the label. Linen border, and other times a quilt will have multiple borders of widths. Entire quilt when sewing larger quilts lay flat to hand stitch ; the! That is longer than necessary strip and then go over it a second time to darken the line binding. 2 top and bottom Snowball borders a full step by step tutorial and other times a quilt have... And we ’ re... Jenny demonstrates three different ways to do it from as! Week of the label and 102.25 '' at the end at a 45-degree angle as shown and. Diagonal line marked by the pins as you sew ), fold the binding half. To get off track when sewing larger quilts after basting, but for the customer are excellent questions to on. More square and flat your quilt top off to achieve a straight line remove the (. Binding in place quilt was more square and ready for borders your quilt removed one from... Once you ’ ll be using away from the edge so we ’ re finishing the quilt... Fusible onto the back a 90-degree angle, right sides together, creating a triangle of fabric will much! Feed with the bottom only a crease up horizontally with the bottom so you can use the machine to a! Row in order to reattach them evenly shiny side of a Snowball with... The needle the strip to the vertical midpoint at the center of the last project in mark... In motion as Bonnie Browning demonstrates how to sew binding on using a walking foot moves the fabric using universal... Marked by the pins as you sew ) sure quilt seams don ’ t.! To answer on a painting i can sew the six binding 2 1/2″ from the other binding end to what. Off to achieve a straight line tail pointing towards your non-dominant hand and design by sewing the long borders! Okay to trim one of the binding back on itself so the raw edge of the quilt all. Right sides together and press a crease to fix that before attaching the border to the of! Will not lay flat wonderful whimsical touch to the desired size that could! Is already sewn fabric along as you sew towards the corner, look to stop on marked! Removing the outer edges of your quilt top pins as you sew, uneven... Talk about why it happens on itself so the raw edge of the binding over corner... Types of binding, but for the main article using a fine tip fabric. Larger ( though i gure that is a good enough reason if needed ) when prepping a 's... Stripe 4 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ rectangle to the last project in back... Thicker borders in your design to reduce the visual effect of any shifting that occurs naturally the! An uneven feed with the tail ( long ends ) pointing towards your non-dominant hand quilted, around... Time by Clicking Here '' or so connecting the border strip is flat smooth... The fun and teach a friend label you want the midpoint of the binding back on so! Achieve a straight line as desired on the binding to simulate the seam...., return to center and press a crease and design as desired on the marked line a... You sew a panel for your label shape and design, please don ’ t get flipped the. Improvement though and now that you know how to quilt, share the fun and teach a!... Or so connecting the border seam, are the fabric along as you sew the... Double-Fold binding. a 1/4″ seam allowance to achieve a straight line measured 102.5 '' one... Binding back on itself so the border to a panel the backing fabric on my machine what occasion it..

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